The Allen Pepperbox: A “cheerful weapon”

I rewrote my post on the Allen & Thurber pepperbox pistol and submitted it to The Truth About Guns for their spring content contest.

Here’s the article I wrote for the contest: A “Cheerful Weapon”: The Allen Pepperbox.

They’re publishing the best submissions (mine got published the day after I sent it in, so I think they liked it), and when they’ve published all the qualifying articles — any day now, I’m guessing — they’ll award a new Beretta APX pistol to the writer of the article they liked the best. The runners-up will win some as-yet unspecified, but surely nifty gun-related gear.

I’d be very cheerful if I won that Beretta, but even more than that, I’d love to be able to say I wrote the winning article. The Truth About Guns has the best writers in the gun-blogosphere, and there are a lot of good writers and smart people among their readers. I know I wrote a good article, but so did quite a few other people.

So we’ll see how it goes. Whoever wins will surely deserve the prize.

Allen & Thurber Ad

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