Try a new game: 3Deep

I came across a new roleplaying system that looks like it could be pretty nifty: it’s called 3Deep.

The emphasis is on fast play and simple mechanics that aren’t tied to a specific setting or historical idea. Whatever your setting is, you can fit its technology and weaponry into 3Deep’s core mechanic and roll with it. The idea seems to be to foster a story-oriented game that plays out character and story arcs much like a TV series.

Looks pretty interesting. I’m putting it on my list of games to buy and try out.

You all should take a look:


2 thoughts on “Try a new game: 3Deep

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  1. Hi,

    As you probably know I wrote 3Deep and really appreciate the mention. If you email me at peter at rolemasterblog dot com I will send you a complimentary copy of both the core and GMs reference.



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