Revitalizing, reorganizing, redirecting

It’s become apparent over the last few weeks that the FAR System blog needs an overhaul. The biggest problem: there just isn’t enough blog-worthy material in the work I’m doing on the FAR Western Old West roleplaying game.

However, I am also doing other somewhat related stuff that might be worth writing about (maybe…). Stuff that might attract readers who would be interested in the creative products I’m trying to produce.

So, to revitalize this little web property, I’m going to redirect and reorganize.

Instead of focusing only on the Old West roleplaying game, I’ll write about any roleplaying-related topic that interests me. I’m also going to expand into other topics — mostly nerdy/creative things like Harry Potter and magic wands and MHI fandom and Tolkien, but also guns (because ‘Murica).

This should help me produce more content, more regularly. And hopefully some of that will resonate with other like-minded nerdy people and bring in more readers. We’ll see, anyway. If nothing else, it’ll result in a website that (for better or worse, hopefully better) is more of a reflection of me. And it’ll be better organized, too.

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