Blueberry Earth sounds so delicious…also dangerous…but mostly delicious

So a sciency type of guy who works at the Oxford Future of Humanity Institute actually wrote a paper on what would happen if the Earth were instantaneously replaced with an equal volume of closely packed (but not compressed) blueberries.

Right away we get a Monty Python-esque question: Are these American blueberries or wild European blueberries? (They’re an American commercial variety, of course.)

But here’s the best part. After an intense several hours of global upheaval as the blueberries collapse into a pulpy sphere under force of gravity and heat up with released energy — featuring air jets, steam eruptions, oceans of boiling blueberry jam, and oh, by the way, the moon flying off into space, as the much less dense blueberries only have a fraction of Earth’s gravity — we wind up with a small planet that resembles a delicious baked dessert.

Here’s what the science says:

The end result is a world that has a steam atmosphere covering an ocean of jam on top of warm blueberry granita.

Mmmm… A cosmic treat.

Also, the geysers during the upheaval and coalescence phase would probably be strong enough to launch quite a lot of blueberries into orbit (Blueberry Earth’s gravity being about the same as the moon’s), so the escaped moon made of cheese could be replaced by a miniature moon of frozen blueberries. Or maybe, if they don’t coalesce in orbit, the blueberries would form a sort of Blueberry Belt instead.

Never mind that no one could live through the global upheaval (and that’s assuming we weren’t replaced with blueberries along with the rest of planet Earth). It sounds incredibly delicious.

Want to know more about Blueberry Earth?

I found out about it at The Atlantic.  The official scientific paper on Blueberry Earth is currently available at while it’s undergoing peer review. The Blueberry Earth guy, whose name is Anders, first posted the Blueberry Earth scenario on his blog (which is pretty interesting in itself).

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