Henrietta Voclain’s silverberry wand – a Hufflepuffery special

When we play our family Harry Potter roleplaying game, we each bring a wand to the table. My daughter’s character is Henrietta Voclain, a first-year student at Hogwarts, and this is her wand.

Hand-carved magic wand: Silverberry, 14 1/2 inches

As you can see, it’s quite simple, but I like to think it’s also elegant and striking. The reddish brown handle, which complements the silver wire nicely, is natural bark. Young branches develop red bark at a certain point, and as they grow it fades to browns and grays and eventually gets very rough and thick. But if you cut off a red-barked branch, the thin young bark will shrink as it dries and adhere to the wood.

If you’re careful about how you strip the bark, you can preserve a light brown under-layer and do some nifty-looking things with it. On this wand, you can see a bit of it on the button at the back end of the handle and at the front of the handle where it transitions to the shaft.

Silverberry is a wand wood not usually seen at Hogwarts, which makes it a good fit for Henrietta, who is a very unusual Hogwarts student (she was born and raised in France).

Silverberry carving and carpentry are unusual anywhere, actually. I’ve looked all over the web and hardly anyone seems to use it. I’ve never seen a wand of Silverberry anywhere else, but I love the way it looks, and it’s probably my favorite wood to work with. I’ll say more about what it is and where it comes from in another post.

If you want a Harry Potter style wand of your own — whether for cosplay, roleplaying, or just because — check out the Hufflepuffery shop (coming soon!) on Etsy.

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