A great playtesting opportunity: Devil’s Staircase

Devil’s Staircase is a diceless tabletop roleplaying game with a really cool system that uses playing cards to build characters and resolve actions. It’s set in the Wild West era, which makes it even cooler.

Right now it’s open for public playtesting — and the core rules are available for free during the testing period. Free is a very good price. 🙂

So get Devil’s Staircase here and start playing!

I’ve read the rules, and they’re pretty straightforward. It should be easy to get started, and the card-playing core mechanic looks super fun to play. If you have questions about the game or suggestions on how to improve the rules or the rulebook, there’s a dedicated forum where you can talk with the developer (links to the forum are in the game documents).

This is a great chance to check out a new roleplaying game — which is always fun — and help an indie developer at the same time. Peter, the developer of the game, also writes for the excellent Rolemaster Blog; if you’re into RPGs, it’s definitely worth visiting.

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