A novel non-noveling idea for National Novel Writing Month

A new flash-fiction story — 500 to 1,000 words — every day in the month of November. That’s the challenge.

I had all but decided to ignore National Novel Writing month this time around until I found this non-noveling NaNo idea over at EmperorPonders.

The last few attempts at NaNoWriMo have left me jaded on the whole concept. I tend to fall behind and then get discouraged by the ever-rising number of words I’ll have to write to catch up.

And I’m tired of pretending I can actually do this thing. Not that I’ve given up on writing or that I think the NaNoWriMo goal is impossible — I did finish back in 2008 — but I’m tired of feeling obligated to try and guilty about not trying hard enough. I have to be realistic here. The time/energy/idea/motivation requirements for a 50k word marathon just aren’t going to coalesce for me right now.

But one short story per day… It’s arguably harder than writing one large story, yet to me it seems there’s less pressure. If I miss one day then I’ve missed the big goal (unless I magically manage more than one per day), but so what? I’m not hitting the big NaNo goal anyway. And the next day is another story of its own.

I have plenty of little ideas bouncing around in my head — characters and incidents and world-building details — that I don’t want to forget and yet somehow never flesh out. I can dive back into that little notebook that goes everywhere with me, decipher (I hope) some of my cryptic notes, and bang out 500+ words that might resemble a very short story. Now that would be progress. And it sounds like fun.

Heck, I might post some of the results here if I think they’re up to snuff. But it’s already time I was writing. May the Muses be with me.

11 thoughts on “A novel non-noveling idea for National Novel Writing Month

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      1. Ha! I like how the titles are almost always longer than the stories.

        I should have dedicated last night’s story to you when I posted it, but I forgot. You gave me part of the idea with that “don’t shoot” story.

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