Our Revolution’s Logic

Tell me if this doesn’t describe where we’re at right now in America.

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    1. It’s a strange time we’re living in, isn’t it.

      Personally, I was happy to see Brexit happen, but that’s mostly because I’m one of those crusty “don’t tread on me” libertarian types with a constitutional dislike of giant, rule-making bureaucracies, not because I understand what’s really going on in the UK. Or, heck, even in the US (sometimes I think half of Americans were raised in a parallel-universe version of the country that merged with my timeline about 12 years ago).

      Maybe the US and the UK are both better off 25 years from now after all this crap shakes out…I don’t know, but I hope so. There are going to be some uncomfortable times ahead, though.


      1. I have moved my business out of the UK and into Ireland and German, just in case. I am also on the accelerated path for Swiss citizenship so I personally will retain my right to freedom of movement and my civil liberties will still be protected under the European Court of Justice.

        As it happens we are moving to Scotland in the new year, not because of brexit but to be nearer one of the best Icelandic horse trainers in the UK. If the UK spontaneously combusts then at least I will be in the more pro-EU part. One never knows!

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      2. Good luck with the move.

        I hadn’t thought much about the freedom of movement problem. Not being part of the EU
        would put up a significant barrier in that regard. Switzerland does a lot of things right, from what I’ve heard. That’s probably a good long-term plan.

        You do horse archery, right? Is that you in your profile pic?


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