Please allow me to adjust my pants…

Holy hell, how did I go all these years in ignorance of the awesomeness that is the sound of Clutch?

I don’t know, but I’m dancing the good-time dance now, and that’s what really matters.

Yes, okay, this is kind of a filler post.

In all the excitement of figuring out a plausible excuse for not attending the office Christmas party (I hate parties) and planning something totally different for Christmas with the wife and kids (the kids are basically adults now, so we’re collaborating instead of doing the Santa Claus thing), I plumb forgot to take care of the Thursday blog post last night.

But that’s okay, I guess. Clutch has taken up residence in my head the last couple of weeks, and I might have ended up writing about this anyway.

So here’s my exhortation to you: If you have even the smallest kind of liking for rock music, even if you merely tolerate it, you owe it to yourself to check out Clutch.

This band is the whole package. Not only are they superb musicians, they’re one of only a handful of bands out there with lyrics that are actually worth paying attention to. Studying, even; both for meaning and for “this is how you do it, kids.”

And on top of that, their funk-heavy grooves will have you adjusting your pants and dancing the good-time dance for sure.

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