Short Story Thursday…it begins

Somehow Tuesday blew right past me. I totally forgot to put anything on the blog, didn’t even realize it until coming home from work on Thursday. But I have not been idle. No, far from it.

I’ve been carving more wands for the Etsy shop (and sold two), put a digital product up for sale, and trying to keep up with my new goal of writing a short story every week.

And it is that writing goal of which I wish to speak to you today. I haven’t quite managed to keep up with it by the letter — I have written only one short story in nearly three weeks — but the spirit is strong.

So strong is the Spirit of the Short Story within me that I have just now created a new feature here on the Far System: Short Story Thursday, in which I will post a short story on at least one Thursday every month. (And there was much rejoicing.)

But regretfully, not today. Today I am completely out of time. Besides, if I showed a feature film this evening, it would eat into the profits.

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