Dissenter: Now they can’t stop you

You may have noticed that many “progressive” media sources,pundits, and celebrities take the regressive tack of squelching dissent. They remove contrary opinions, deplatform ideas and people they don’t want to hear, or just remove comment sections altogether.

Why? Because they hate you, they think you’re a bad person, and you don’t deserve to speak.

Well, in response, the Bad and Wrong people who built Gab have made another social networking product — a browser extension called Dissenter, which is advertised as letting you comment on any on any website, anywhere.

The catch is that your comment actually lives in the Dissenter platform, not on whatever website it is that has forbidden your voice, so the people from whom you’re dissenting won’t necessarily know you’re doing it.

However, the nifty part about Dissenter is that it automatically associates your comment with the web page you commented on (er…about), forming a discussion that contains all the Dissenter comments. From there it works like any other social media discussion.

Plus, when the Dissenter browser extension is enabled, it will display all the comments that have been made in an overlay, so that everywhere you go you can see the opinions the powers that be don’t want you to see.

Oh, one more catch: The internet is a very big place, and there aren’t enough deplorable people using Dissenter yet to form robust comment threads in most places.

Will there ever be? I don’t know. Probably not.

But I still love it. I love anything that pokes the thought police in the eye, and Dissenter is a pretty good try.

6 thoughts on “Dissenter: Now they can’t stop you

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    1. True. I was actually wondering if/when somebody would try to cripple Dissenter by varying their URLs.

      It figures that it’d be the Washington Post, with their eerily ironic tagline. “Democracy dies in darkness (and we’re helping it happen).”

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      1. Agreed. Speaking of eery, it still freaks me out how cozy the left is with multi-national corporations. Whatever advances the agenda, at any cost, I guess.

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      2. It’s like a bizarro world now. Everything the Left says it is, it isn’t. It accuses its enemies of being what it actually is. SJWs always project. They’re all in a tizzy looking for fascists under every doormat because fundamentally they ARE fascists; that’s the essence of their cozy relationship with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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