5 indie authors you need to read UPDATED: 6!

There’s no way to fit these writers into the same box, other than to say that they’re fiercely independent-minded and they’re all swimming against the stream in one way or another.

They all write speculative fiction — sci-fi, fantasy, alternate history, horror — but in very different styles. And more than anything, they all aim to write stories that are fun to read — which, as far as I’m concerned, is recommendation enough all by itself.

So here they are:

Misha Burnett

  • Horror, sci-fi, alternate history, pulp adventure

Alexandru Constantin

  • Pulp adventure and fantasy

Alexander Hellene

  • Sci-fi and mythology intermingled

Xavier Lastra

  • Horror and sci-fi

Yakov Merkin

  • Science fiction, fantasy, and history (plus the most awesome book cover I’ve seen in a long time)

Kent Wayne (the updated 6th author)

  • Sci-fi and humor/philosophy

Now go forth and read!

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