Gaze into the void…

And the award for the most awesomely creepy album cover on the planet goes to…

Void Mother, by Obscure Sphinx.

Their music is pretty darn good, too. Give it a listen. (Fair warning: Get ready to settle in and let the let the music envelop you. There are no singles here.)

The album cover is a photo of a Horka doll, made by Klaudia Gaugier, an artist in Poland (where the band is from). Each is one of a kind, custom made to evoke both natural and otherworldly associations. She describes her dolls with this quote:

“There is no dead matter. Lifelessness is only a disguise behind which hide unknown forms of life.”

Bruno Schultz, “A Treatise on Mannequins”

I don’t know about you, but I definitely get that sense from these dolls. They’re strange and unsettling in a way that makes me think of the more terrifying aspects of myth and stories of the unknown and almost-seen.

Cree-eepy. In the best way. Check ’em out.

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