Testament: More weaponized bass

Testament, Disciples of the Watch, live. Start at 43:45 for weaponized bass. 45:24 for the bass solo.

Now THIS is what I’m talking about when I say the bass guitar should be played like a weapon. Steve DiGiorgio gets it.

Testament gets it. They’ve had more than one bass player who gets it: Greg Christian brings the thunder, too.

Testament, Souls of Black. Check out the bass fretwork at 25:13.

Thrash metal in general is a good time if you like heavy music and actually want to hear the bass guitar. (With the exception of Metallica; despite having kick-ass bass players, for some reason they don’t want anyone to actually hear it. Which one of many reasons why they they suck.)

Yes, this a filler post of sorts. Not enough time to write anything much, so I figured I’d post some of the music I’ve been listening to instead. This is the stuff that fuels my brain.

Can’t go wrong with music, right?

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