Rounding up the mavericks: Hoodies, pulps, and participles

Corralling a few interesting things I’ve run across in the last few days… Git along, little dogies!

Bulletproof hoodies!?

via Gunpowder and Ink

I love hoodies. Especially ones that can stop up to a .44 magnum.

There is also this:
LIFETIME WARRANTY: If you get shot (God forbid) with our hoodies on, we’ll send you a replacement hoodie FREE of charge. Just include the police report.

That’s pretty nice.

They also make them for kids. So, if you live in the battlefields of Chicago – you may want a couple for your loved ones waiting at the school bus stops.

The website: Wonder Hoodie

I laughed. I thought this had to be a joke. It really does sound like one…but it seems to be a real thing that works. Now I kind of want one.

No, because…

From the Rolemaster Blog, a little bit of good advice for people who are running or playing in a tabletop roleplaying game. The players can’t always get what they want…but they can always get something fun.

A pulp grand master rides again

Leigh Brackett’s “Queen of the Martian Catacombs” is the guilty pleasure reading you’ve always wanted without quite knowing you wanted it. Incredibly, it effortlessly combines many awesome things together at once in a way that would be impossible to imagine without actually reading it:
– Savagery that explodes off the page just like in Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Tarzan.
– Contempt for decadent civilizations that explodes off the page just like in Robert E. Howard’s Conan.
– Scintillating femme fatales and genuinely appealing feminine foils that explode off the page just like in A. Merritt’s best novels.

From Jeffro’s Space Gaming Blog: Leigh Brackett’s science fiction masterwork, Queen of the Martian Catacombs.

This doesn’t sound guilty. It just sounds FUN.

I really need to get hold of some Leigh Brackett stories. I devoured Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars novels as an early teen, and I bet I’d have loved Brackett’s stuff just as much if I had come across them in the Bookmobile. Heck, I bet I’d like it NOW.

The folks behind Cirsova Magazine have published a collection of Brackett’s stories with snazzy new artwork. Check this out…

Who wouldn’t want to read the book behind that cover?

Stopping -ing participle abuse: It starts with you

As a guy called Ing, I’m all about stopping the -ing abuse.

Plus, if you go beyond just not doing -ing wrong, you could reach a whole…nother…level.

Here’s a literary secret you probably don’t know: using just a single -ing participle phrase, and usually in the wrong place and in the wrong manner, is for plebs. But using three, four, five, or more is for the monocled aristocracy of writing. And for show-offs, of course. They tend to overlap a bit.

But seriously, there are great writing tips in here. If you write, you should read this: The Emperor’s Notepad: Expert use of -ing participles

“Everything sucks” sucks

…going full “everything sucks” and calling it “realism” doesn’t make you a genius. It makes you a hack. It’s been done. Put the needle down.

Dean Bradley, Grim, dark, and epic blog post of grimdarkness

You tell ’em, Dean.

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