Behind the times: Punching 2019 in the face

Now that it’s all over and we’re almost into the second month of 2020, let’s find out once and for all: Did I succeed in punching 2019 in the face and making it my bitch?

Well, let’s dive into the goals I set at the beginning of that most currently previous of previous years and find out.

Goal 1

Make a useful profit from the Hufflepuffery Etsy shop.

DONE. I actually made a bit more money than I had hoped for. It wasn’t a large amount in any case, but with my daughter going off to college (an expensive proposition even with scholarships and financial aid) I was able to put some money directly in her pocket and help her get some essential living-away-from-home comforts thanks to that modest — and indeed very useful — Etsy shop profit.

2019, consider your face punched.

Goal 2

Get the FAR Western roleplaying system ready to be seen and used by people other than myself.

No progress at all. 2019 kicked my ass.

However, I’m not giving up. I’m still percolating on this, and 2020 is going to see some progress. Over the past couple of months, some principles behind what I need to do and why have come together; I’ll talk some more about that later.

In addition, I did more tabletop gaming in 2019 than in many a previous year, so consider that a win. The kids and I had an absolute blast dusting off my old Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying rulebooks and playing a heroic campaign — currently on hiatus while the daughter is away at college, but we’ll revive it over the summer. Or maybe earlier, if we can all figure out how to get on Discord or Roll20 at the same time.

Goal 3

Go shooting a lot more often.

Got my ass kicked again. Had a kick-ass range trip in early summer, but didn’t get out again.

This year is going to be better.

Goal 4

Write a short story every week.

Nope. 2019 knocked me down, sat on my chest, grabbed my flabby, underdeveloped fiction-writing fingers, and mocked me with “Why are you hitting yourself?”

I didn’t even do any writing for NaNoWriMo.

However, a kick-ass idea for a story popped into my head about the end of November, and I’ve been planning and plotting it ever since. I think I can make this story work…and if I’m right, it’s going to be hella fun to write and probably also to read.

Goal 5

Get my finances in order so that I can buy a house.

This was always going to take longer than just one year; the real point was to start making progress.

So did I?

Well…kind of. I didn’t fall farther behind, at least. Considering the year’s increased expenses, not falling behind was a small victory in itself. And in October I started a new job that pays significantly more than the old one, so that’s progress.

What I did in 2019 put me in position to maybe actually achieve this goal in the next couple years, so it’s close enough to a win for me.

The verdict

Going by the numbers, it would appear that I did not make 2019 my bitch; more like I got myself bitch-slapped instead.

So yeah, 2019 kicked my ass. That’s okay. Time gets us all in the end.

But what was the real point here? To take control of my own damn life, that’s what. To put some mindful effort toward things that make me happy — and in turn, keep my family happy and well-provided for.

And that’s what I did.

Punching 2019 in the face.
Did I win? Maybe not. But I sure as hell punched back.

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