America is stronger than they are

The next four years are going to be difficult and incredibly ugly — but the illegal occupiers of the White House and the evil cabal behind them aren’t going to be having a great time of it, either. None of this is going to go the way they expect.

Hell, they’ve already locked down the whole capital city in advance of their geriatric stooge’s triumphant inauguration, hiding behind closed bridges, miles of fencing and razor wire, and 25,000 soldiers, presumably because of an “insurrection threat” in which a few dozen randos and false-flaggers went ham while 10,000 protesters peacefully went home for dinner. The mass deplatformings, the gaslighting, the extravagant displays of force…these are the actions of nervous bullies, not strong and confident leaders.

America is stronger than they are.

They stole an election, but we don’t have to go along with it. No cooperation, no participation, no respect.

Joe Biden — the thief-in-chief — is nobody’s president.

Joe Biden, the Thief In Chief. Save a copy, print it on Avery mailing label stickers, and plaster them everywhere.

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