A sales post: My hand carved wands on Etsy

Yesterday I listed two new magic wands in the Etsy shop, and since it's a struggle to be heard amidst the noise, I thought I'd try to amplify the signal here a little bit. Hand carved birch wand, 11 1/4 inches - Hufflepuffery shop on Etsy Hand carved oak wand, 12 3/4 inches - Hufflepuffery... Continue Reading →


Industrial outlaw country: What I’m listening to

Yes, that's a real thing. Shooter Jennings and his dad Waylon (you may have heard of him) got together on a project they called Fenixon. And it. Is. Awesome. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIqrniRy81pWWueofzuqBDPdW0r_v0MJ_ I've never been a fan of country music, nor have I generally given industrial the time of day, but I really like this. I've never... Continue Reading →

Hufflepuffery: The Etsy shop is open

Well, I did it. The first listing went live Sunday night, and yesterday I finished stocking the store. Well, not finished finished, because there's more on the way, but enough to get started with. I hope you'll take a couple minutes and go check out the¬†Hufflepuffery shop on Etsy. And if you happen to know... Continue Reading →

Hufflepuffery: Practicing product photography

I spent several hours last weekend practicing product photography. I made a sort of lightbox mini-studio out of part of a bookshelf; it doesn't take up too much room, and I should be able to haul it out and use it to take reliably good (or at least decent) product photos for the Etsy store.... Continue Reading →

The most metal deaths in Middle Earth

I'm halfway through a post on how I was wrong about the stupid pointlessness of hit points, but I had to stop writing it (temporarily, I promise) because I can't not post this right now. Someone has made a list of the most metal deaths in Middle Earth, and¬†you'd better believe they're not just metal,... Continue Reading →

Into the weird west: Straight Outta Tombstone

I have to confess, I've never read any "weird western" stories. But I hear that they haven't been super popular over the years, so I guess that's a good enough excuse. You just don't see them very often. And while we're on the subject of confessions, I'll also go ahead and admit that 90% of... Continue Reading →

I assume you've heard of Root by now. If you're behind the curve like me and wondering why all the hype, check out this excellent review. Anybody got a copy I could borrow? h/t rockymountainnavy.wordpress.com

No, there's no such thing as overthinking Tolkien! But if there were, the Armchair Corporal blog might have just done it with Gandalf's plan to enter Mordor. I like it!

A good Western needs good gunplay and a rousing story--and people are saying Netflix's series, "Godless," has the goods.

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