Short Story Thursday…it begins

Somehow Tuesday blew right past me. I totally forgot to put anything on the blog, didn't even realize it until coming home from work on Thursday. But I have not been idle. No, far from it. I've been carving more wands for the Etsy shop (and sold two), put a digital product up for sale,... Continue Reading →

A sales post: My hand carved wands on Etsy

Yesterday I listed two new magic wands in the Etsy shop, and since it's a struggle to be heard amidst the noise, I thought I'd try to amplify the signal here a little bit. Hand carved birch wand, 11 1/4 inches - Hufflepuffery shop on Etsy Hand carved oak wand, 12 3/4 inches - Hufflepuffery... Continue Reading →

Hufflepuffery: The Etsy shop is open

Well, I did it. The first listing went live Sunday night, and yesterday I finished stocking the store. Well, not finished finished, because there's more on the way, but enough to get started with. I hope you'll take a couple minutes and go check out the¬†Hufflepuffery shop on Etsy. And if you happen to know... Continue Reading →

Hufflepuffery: Practicing product photography

I spent several hours last weekend practicing product photography. I made a sort of lightbox mini-studio out of part of a bookshelf; it doesn't take up too much room, and I should be able to haul it out and use it to take reliably good (or at least decent) product photos for the Etsy store.... Continue Reading →

Henrietta Voclain’s silverberry wand – a Hufflepuffery special

When we play our family Harry Potter roleplaying game, we each bring a wand to the table. My daughter's character is Henrietta Voclain, a first-year student at Hogwarts, and this is her wand. Hand-carved magic wand: Silverberry, 14 1/2 inches As you can see, it's quite simple, but I like to think it's also elegant... Continue Reading →

Getting ready for some HufflePuffery

For the past few weeks, I've been working on starting up an Etsy shop. It's going to be called HufflePuffery because we're starting out with magic wands and other Harry Potter themed crafts. And also because, as we've been playing our Harry Potter roleplaying game, the whole family has fallen in love with Hufflepuff house.... Continue Reading →

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