Dissenter: It’s working

You know how you can tell? The powers that be -- the ones that think you and I don't deserve to speak at all -- have already tried to break it. A FAR System reader left this comment on my post a few days ago, when I said that the people from whom you're dissenting... Continue Reading →


Dissenter: Now they can’t stop you

You may have noticed that many "progressive" media sources,pundits, and celebrities take the regressive tack of squelching dissent. They remove contrary opinions, deplatform ideas and people they don't want to hear, or just remove comment sections altogether. Why? Because they hate you, they think you're a bad person, and you don't deserve to speak. Well,... Continue Reading →

What lies or threats had led him there?

Was wondering what to write today, but I found out via a post on Amatopia that some weenie has been trying to smear Tolkien as a closet racist or something from the high pulpit of social justice resentment, and this shall not go unanswered. (Even if only three people read it, damn it, I'm going... Continue Reading →

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