Roleplaying roundup

Some interesting topics and ideas for people who run roleplaying games (and/or build them). I saved this as a draft three years ago; no idea why I never published it. Probably thought I needed to say something complex and profound, when really the point should've been to point people to these articles, which can then... Continue Reading →

Saving the Day: Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying Campaign Update

After their dramatic rescue of all the people who were trapped in the Overton Warehouse fire, our little cadre of superheroes has become quite popular in Seatropolis. They're treated as heroes, and the smear campaigns appear to be a thing of the past. This is due not only to the dramatic rescue, but to the... Continue Reading →

The illusion of legitimacy

“The legitimacy of the ruling class – in whatever political form it may take – is based on the illusion that they can protect the people, whether from war, famine, economic hardship, or any other kind of disaster that disrupts the everyday routine of their lives and livelihood.… By attributing the cause of these cosmically-induced... Continue Reading →

Am I the only one?

No. I'm not the only one. Sometimes it feels like I might be -- but we are not alone, despite the best efforts of those who sit atop the heights of pop culture, media, and government to make it seem that way. Not a country music fan, but I am a fan of that... Continue Reading →

It’s up to us to live it

I'm posting the entire text of the Declaration of Independence here on Independence Day because it's the reason for the season. This is why the United States of America exists. The men who signed this document did so at great personal risk, knowing that they were committing themselves and everyone in their state to war.... Continue Reading →

‘Fraid Not, Chief

The Most August Etty Biggs-Wharton, Chair of the Imperial Defense Commission, sat in her office and eyed the guardsman in front of her with disfavor. He stood at an unprofessional slouch. "Well?" she demanded of the guardsman. "Have you secured the inner doors?" It was true that the guards were greatly outnumbered by the crowd... Continue Reading →

Music Flashback: Rush, Caress of Steel

Author Alexander Hellene has started posting nifty, in-depth reviews of Rush albums, with the ambitious goal of reviewing and rating every one of the band's 19 studio albums. So far, he's only three albums in -- which means Caress of Steel. This album, released in 1975, tanked so hard that it threatened to end the... Continue Reading →

The Prometheans Demand Blood

“One more day of blood sacrifice,” Pierce chanted. One more day. Painted in congealed arterial spray and clotting fluids, with sweat streaking his jowls and plastering expensively styled hair to his skull, he shrieked the shibboleths and prayed that this be would the day. The day his god would reward his devotion by ending the... Continue Reading →

Question and answer

This has been on my mind lately. What am I supposed to doIf I want to talk about peace and understandingBut you only understand the language of the swordWhat if I want to make you understand that the path you chose leads to downfallBut you only understand the language of the swordWhat if I... Continue Reading →

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