A walk to the edge of the world

A few weeks ago, while reading about the Bog Bodies of Europe, the nucleus of a story flashed into my mind. It gave me goosebumps…partly because that’s what happens when something fires up my imagination, and partly because the world in which I envision it has been waiting for me to write a story in it for almost 30 years. (Damn, I’m getting old…)

Just now I came across this flash fiction piece by Misha Burnett — and this is the way I’d like to begin my story. This is the feel I want it to have. Also, I love the idea that the main character might perceive the reader as a watchful spirit.

O, spirit, I can feel you watching me. The voice that speaks from the sky–the Nar Attor–said that one would be sent to watch over me. I am Thangorr, of the Grey Mountain People. Have you heard of us? No? I’m not surprised, there are few of us, and we seldom travel past the Iron […]

Read the rest: A Walk To The Edge Of The World — mishaburnett

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