Punching 2019 in the face: February

In January I wrote down what other people might call New Year’s resolutions, but I prefer to call goals. Or plans. Plans designed, as The Emperor’s Notepad advised, to punch 2019 in the face and make it my bitch.

I figure a monthly update will help keep me honest about how I’m doing and maybe provide some motivation, so I’ll be doing that from here on out.

Goal 1

Get the FAR Western roleplaying system ready to be seen and used by people other than myself.

Not doing so well here. Haven’t done anything at all, actually. Bad Ing! Bad!

Goal 2

Make a useful profit from the Hufflepuffery Etsy shop.

The shop did okay in January, but February revenue has been very disappointing (as in nonexistent) so far. Still, there has been progress, even if revenue doesn’t show it yet. I listed two new products recently:

More products are on the way — ones that should have great market appeal. I’m also working on refining my product presentation and improving my current products.

I plan to improve my marketing, too. The Hufflepuffery blog is a resource I haven’t used to its full potential yet.

Overall, satisfactory progress here. It’s a bit disappointing that the last couple weeks have been so lackluster, but the same things were selling in January and shop traffic is still solid, so I believe sales will come back around, and then some…eventually.

Update: A new sale came in JUST NOW. Right as I was prepping to hit the “publish” button. That’s a relief, and I don’t mind saying it. 🙂

Goal 3

Go shooting a lot more often.

No progress on this one. Winter isn’t an ideal time, what with all the snow and cold and generally crappy weather. Finances and time commitments haven’t been conducive either. I hope to start delivering frequent range reports a couple of months from now when Spring starts to sproing.

Goal 4

Write a short story every week.

Well, crap…I’m developing a theme here. A total lack of progress.

Goal 5

Get my finances in order so that I can buy a house.

This is a longer term thing that depends somewhat on the Etsy shop and other factors — but I haven’t not been making progress, so…okay, I guess?

Punching-2019-in-the-face rating

1.5 out of 5

But hey, time is a limited resource, and there’s a steep learning curve with some of the things I’m doing on Etsy. A guy has to prioritize — and I spent a lot of time on the goal I prioritized, which was building the Etsy shop. I should probably have made it #1 in the list, come to think of it. If I do nothing else all year, I WILL turn that shop into an engine of commerce.

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