A sales post: My hand carved wands on Etsy

Yesterday I listed two new magic wands in the Etsy shop, and since it’s a struggle to be heard amidst the noise, I thought I’d try to amplify the signal here a little bit.

Hand carved birch wand, 11 1/4 inches – Hufflepuffery shop on Etsy

Hand carved oak wand, 12 3/4 inches – Hufflepuffery shop on Etsy

When I say these are hand carved, I mean it. I don’t use any machinery of any kind to make these. No lathes, Dremel tools, or power sanders; just a couple of knives, some files, and sandpaper.

It’s a labor-intensive process, but I enjoy it. There’s something therapeutic, almost magical, about creating something entirely by hand.

I’m planning to do more than just wands, too. Decorative wand display racks, wand storage boxes, Hogwarts admission letters, and Ilvermorny and Hogwarts diplomas are also in the pipeline.

So… If you’re at all interested in the Harry Potter stories or know someone who is, I hope you’ll visit the Hufflepuffery shop on Etsy and take a look at what we’ve got.

And finally, a question for you: I’ve been wondering whether I should do a separate blog/website for the Etsy endeavor — not just sales posts, but blogging about wood carving and the creative aspects of making products and running the shop — or just fold it in here.

It’d be easier to do it all here, but there may be SEO benefits to having a branded Hufflepuffery blog…and I wouldn’t want it to get in the way of what you (all three of you) come here for.

If you have an opinion on that, I’d love to hear it.

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