Dissenter part 3: The thought police poke back

Replying to a comment on my post about the Dissenter browser extension, I remarked on how the Left always projects the darkest parts of itself onto its enemies:

They’re all in a tizzy looking for fascists under every doormat because fundamentally they ARE fascists; that’s the essence of their cozy relationship with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Dissenter: Now they can’t stop you

I also wrote a post about how Dissenter is working — enabling public conversation on topics and venues in which the powers that be have declared insufficiently progressive opinions (or, hell, any outside opinions) unwanted.

I love seeing the thought police get poked in the eye. But the thought police can poke back…and they have real power.

The biggest weakness of a product like Dissenter is that in order to reach its audience, it must rely on the very platforms its existence insults.

So…yeah. There’s the fascistic Leftists who run Big Tech in action.

Disappointing, but I can’t say I was surprised. I wondered how long it was going to take for the Masters of the Universe to start doing this. And after their total SJW convergence in 2014, it makes sense that it’d start with Firefox/Mozilla.

So far, Dissenter is okay on Chrome, so that’s good news.

UPDATE: Chrome has dropped Dissenter from its app store at the urging of the Columbia Journalism Review. And journalists wonder why so much of America hates them…

And now we return to the regularly scheduled program…

Even better news — and much bigger — is that you don’t have to get your internet browser from the progressive/fascist Leviathan at all.

I’ve been using the Brave browser for quite a while now, and it’s a dandy product. It comes with ad/tracker blocking built-in and does just about everything Chrome will do (most of it better and faster), as well as some essential things it won’t. For instance, it has a real private browsing mode with an integrated Tor extension.

Whether Dissenter will really catch on or be strangled to death remains to be seen. Most likely it will hang around on the fringes like some other free-speech and privacy-oriented options, with enough users to stay viable, but not enough to really change the game. I’d love to see the whole incestuous corporate-left cabal blown to smithereens, but there’s probably not going to be one big “killer app” that does it. It’s going to involve a thousand small battles like this one.

And even if Dissenter does end up being crippled by the self-anointed Masters of the Universe, I’m sure someone will come up with another way to poke the thought police in the eye, and I’ll be looking on with glee when the leviathan starts to squirm again.

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