Dissenter: It’s working

You know how you can tell? The powers that be — the ones that think you and I don’t deserve to speak at all — have already tried to break it.

A FAR System reader left this comment on my post a few days ago, when I said that the people from whom you’re dissenting won’t necessarily know you’re doing it:

And yet, that doesn’t stop them from Trying to silence you all the same: https://www.imgoat.com/uploads/74ad4786c3/203589.jpg

Proof positive that, as you said, they don’t just want to keep us from talking to them, they want to keep us from talking, period.

This happened about a week ago, shortly after Dissenter was launched.

So it appears they DO know. And they don’t like it one bit. Because it’s working.

Check out what’s happened in the past few days:

Gillette turned off comments on their new ad on YouTube, fearing what people would say after their “toxic masulinity” ad pissed off half the people who buy (or used to buy) their shaving products.

Result? Silence on YouTube… 1,000+ comments about Gillette’s ad on Dissenter.

Rotten Tomatoes turned off the audience rating and comments on Captain Marvel, which are what the site exists to provide, after its star crapped all over the audience of Marvel movies and it became apparent that a LOT of people no longer wanted to see the movie.

Result? Silence on Rotten Tomatoes… 3,000+ comments about it on Dissenter.

Joe Rogan’s YouTube livecast didn’t allow comments on an episode featuring Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, presumably so as not to “clutter” it with the opinions of the millions of people who hate Twitter and the tens of thousands of conservative Bad Thinkers who have been banned and squelched on the platform. (Was it Rogan’s decision or someone else’s? I expected better from Joe.)

Result? Silence on YouTube… 5,000+ comments about it on Dissenter.

Never mind that most WaPo readers or YouTube watchers will never know about your contrary opinion on Dissenter; the progressive regressive establishment doesn’t want skeptics like you and me speaking AT ALL. That’s why some of them are already trying to break it.

But that makes me happy. Because as I said before, I love anything that pokes the thought police in the eye. And if they’re trying to break Dissenter already, that means it poked ’em pretty good.

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